A Witch's Revenge and her Discomforture, Witches in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Unknown Wales
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Category: Witches
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Title: A Witch's Revenge and her Discomforture

An old beggar woman was refused her requests by a farmer’s wife and it was noticed that she uttered words that might have been a threat when going away from the door. It was also observed that she picked up a few straws from the yard and carried them away with her.  In the course of a few days, a healthy calf died and the death of several calves followed in rapid succession.  These misfortunes caused the wife to remember the old woman whom she had sent away from her door and the farmer came to the conclusion that his cattle had been witched by this old woman. He went to a conjuror who told him to cut out the heart of the next calf that should die and roast it before the fire. Then, after it had been properly roasted, he was to prick it all over with a fork and if anyone should appear as a beggar, they were to give her what she asked.  The instructions were carried out and just as the heart was being pricked, the old woman whom the wife had driven away came up to the house in a dreadful state. Rushing into the house, she said, “In the name of God, what are you doing here?”  She was told that they were doing nothing particular and while the conversation was being carried out, the pricking operation was discontinued and the old hag became less excited. Then she asked the farmer kindly to give her a few potatoes, which he gladly did. The old woman departed and no more calves died after that.

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