A Witch Shot Dead in the Form of a Hare, Witches in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Unknown Wales
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Category: Witches
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Title: A Witch Shot Dead in the Form of a Hare

An old woman was evicted from a small farm which she and her family had held for many years.  She was naturally greatly annoyed at such conduct on the part of the landlord and of the person who supplanted her.  However, she procured a small cottage close by her late home and there she lived.  But the interloper did not get on, for she was troubled by a hare that came nightly to her house. A labouring man, when going to his work early in the morning, time after time saw a hare going from the farm towards the cottage occupied by this old woman and he determined to shoot this hare.  He procured an old gun and loaded it with pebbles instead of bullets, and awaited the approach of the hare.  It came as usual, the man fired and the hare rolled over and over, screaming and making a terrible noise.  The man however did not heed this much, for hares, when shot, do scream and so he went to secure the hare, but when he attempted to seize it, it changed into all shapes and made horrible sounds, and the man was so terrified that he ran away and he was very glad to get away from the scene of this shocking occurrence.| A few days afterwards the old woman who occupied the cottage was found dead, and it was noticed by the woman who laid her out that her arm and shoulder were riddled with pebbles.  It was thought that she was a witch and that she had troubled the people who had deprived her of her farm and that she did so in the shape of a hare. No one doubted that the injury inflicted on the old woman was anything more than the shot of the man, who supposed that he had killed a hare, when in reality he shot and killed the old woman.  The farmer was never troubled after the death of the woman whom he had supplanted.

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