A Man Turned Into A Hare by Betty'r Bont the witch, Witches in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Ystrad Meurig Wales
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Title: A Man Turned Into A Hare by Betty'r Bont the witch

It was believed by the aged in Wales that witches could not only turn themselves into hares, but that by incantation they could change other people into animals. The Rev. T. Lloyd Williams, Wrexham, lodged whilst he was at Ystrad Meurig School with a Mrs. Jones, Dolfawr, (Ceredigion) who was a firm believer in "Rhibo" or Rheibo, or witching, and this lady told my friend the following tales of Betty'r Bont, a celebrated witch in those parts.|One of the servant men at Dolfawr laughed at Betty’r Bont’s supposed power.  However, he lived to repent his folly.  One night after he had gone to bed he found that he had been changed into a hare and to his dismay and horror he saw a couple of greyhounds slipped upon him.  He ran for bare life and managed to elude his pursuers. In a terrible plight and fright he ran to Dolfawr and to his bed.  This kind of transformation he ever afterwards was subjected to, until by spells he was released from the witch’s power over him.| Mr. Williams writes of the same servant man who figures in the preceding tale:| "However, after that, she (Betty'r Bont) turned him into a grey mare, saddled him, and actually rode him herself; and when he woke in the morning, he was in a bath of perspiration, and positively declared that he had been galloping all night.".....er ???

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