A Hag who turned a Blue Dye into a Red Dye, Witches in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Clocaenog Wales
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Category: Witches
Sub Category: Transformation
Title: A Hag who turned a Blue Dye into a Red Dye

An old hag went to a small farmhouse in Clocaenog parish, and found the farmer’s wife occupied in dyeing wool blue.  She begged for a little wool and blue dye.  She was informed by Mrs Smith that she was really very sorry that she could not part with either, as she had only just barely enough for her own use.  The hag departed and the woman went on with her dyeing but to her surprise, the wool came out of the pot dyed red instead of blue.  She thought that possibly it was the dye that was to blame and so she gave up for the night her employment. The next day she went to Ruthin for a fresh supply of blue to finish her work, but again she failed to dye the wool blue, for red, and not blue, was the result of her dyeing.  She, in surprise, told a neighbour of her unaccountable failure to dye her wool blue.  This neighbour asked her if she had been visited by anyone and she in answer told her that old ‘so and so’ had been at her house begging.  “Ah,” was the response, “I see how it is you can never dye that wool blue. You have been witched. Send the red wool and the part that you have not touched here to me and I will finish the work for you.”  This was done and the same colour was used by both women, but now it became blue, whilst with the other, it was red.

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