The Devil Appearing to a Man who was Fetching Bibles, The Devil, Evil Spirits, Satan in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Unknown Wales
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Title: The Devil Appearing to a Man who was Fetching Bibles

A Mr Henry Llewelyn was sent to Samuel Davies, of Ystrad Defodoc Parish, in Glamorganshire one night to fetch a load of books, Bibles, Testaments, Watts’s Psalms, Hymns, and Songs for Children. Coming home by night towards Mynyddustwyn, having just passed by Clwyd yr Helygen alehouse, and being in a dry part of the lane, the mare, which he rode stood still and, like the ass of the ungodly Balaam, would go no farther, but kept drawing back.| Presently Henry could see a living thing, round like a bowl, rolling from the right hand to the left and crossing the lane, moving sometimes slow and sometimes very swift. It moved swifter than a bird could fly, though it had neither wings nor feet, altering also its size.  It appeared three times, less one time than another, seemed least when near him and appeared to roll towards the mare’s belly.  The mare would then want to go forward, but Henry stopped her, to see more carefully what manner of thing it was.  He stayed about three minutes to look at it; but, fearing to see a worse sight, he thought it high time to speak to it, and said, ‘What do you want from me, you foul thing?  In the name of the Lord Jesus, go away!’  And by speaking this it vanished and sank into the ground near the mare’s feet.  It appeared to be of a reddish oak colour, like that of a Devil.

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