Satan Appearing to a Collier, The Devil, Evil Spirits, Satan in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Aberdare Wales
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Title: Satan Appearing to a Collier

John Roberts of Colliers’ Row, Cyfartha, Merthyr, was once going to Aberdare over the mountain.  On the top of the hill he was met by a handsome gentleman, who wore a three-cocked hat, a red waistcoat and a blue coat.  The appearance of this well dressed man took John Roberts’s fancy; but he could not understand why he should be alone on Aberdare Mountain, and, furthermore, why he did not know the way to Aberdare, for he had asked Roberts to direct him to the town.  John stared at the gentleman, and saw clearly a cloven foot and a long tail protruding underneath the blue coat, and there and then the gentleman changed himself into a pig, which stood before John, gave a big grunt, and then ran away.

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