A Spirit Leaving and Re-Entering the Body, Spiritualism in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Clocaenog Wales
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Title: A Spirit Leaving and Re-Entering the Body

A man was in love with two young girls. They were both in love with him and they knew that he flirted with them both.  It is but natural to suppose that these young ladies did not, being rivals, love each other.  It can well be believed that they heartily disliked each other.  One evening, according to custom, this young man spent the night with one of his sweethearts and to all appearance she fell asleep, or was in a trance, for she looked very pale.  He noticed her face and was frightened by its death-like pallor, but he was greatly surprised to see a bluish flame proceed out of her mouth and go towards the door.  He followed this light and saw it take the direction of the house in which his other love lived. He observed that from that house, too, a like light was travelling, as if to meet the light that he was following.  Before long these lights met each other and they apparently fought, for they dashed into each other and flitted up and down, as if engaged in mortal combat.  The strife continued for some time before the lights separated and departed in the direction of the respective houses where the two young women lived.  The man returned to the house of the young woman with whom he was spending the night, following close on the light, which he saw going before him and which re-entered her body through her mouth. Then she immediately awoke.

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