Two Women Using Rhamanta To Find their Future Husbands, Rhamanta or Omen Seeking in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Cyffylliog Wales
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Title: Two Women Using Rhamanta To Find their Future Husbands

An aged woman in Gyffylliog parish, who is still alive (1886), saw her husband by rhamanta; and so did her fellow-servant. I am indebted to Mr. Jones, Woodland Farm, to whom the woman related it, for the story I am about to give. When young women, she and her fellow-servant, in accordance with the practice of the country, determined to obtain a sight of the men whom they were to marry. The mistress was let into the secret that that night one of the two was going to raise the veil of the future, and the other the following night. As the clock began striking twelve the fellow-servant began striking the floor with a strap, repeating the doggerel lines |“Am gyd-fydio i gyd-ffatio,”|and almost immediately she saw her master come down stairs. The girl innocently the next day asked her mistress why she had sent her master down stairs to frighten her. The answer of her mistress was, ‘Take care of my children.’ This girl ultimately married her master. The next night it was the other girl’s turn, and she saw a dark man, whom she had never seen before; but in the course of a week or so, a stranger came into the farmyard, and she at once perceived that it was the person whom she had seen when divining. Upon inquiry, she ascertained that he was a married man, but in time his wife died, and the girl became his wife.”

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