Rhamanta and the Torture of a Frog, Rhamanta or Omen Seeking in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Unknown Wales
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Category: Rhamanta or Omen Seeking
Sub Category: Animal
Title: Rhamanta and the Torture of a Frog

Rhamanta was a kind of divination that could be resorted to without the intervention of any outside party, by anyone wishful to ascertain the future with reference to herself or himself.| A young woman was madly in love with a young man, and she gave the servant man a jug of beer for procuring a frog for her.  This he did and taking the poor creature to the garden, she thrust several pins into its back.  The tortured creature writhed under the pain, but the cruel girl did not cease until the required number had been inserted.  Then she placed the frog under a vessel to prevent its escape and turning to my informant, she said, “There, he will now come to our house this evening.”  The man certainly came and when he entered she smiled at my informant. Then both went together to the lacerated frog, the pins were extracted one by one from its back and the wounded animal was set at liberty.  My informant said that the hard-hearted girl mumbled something both when inserting and extracting the pins.

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