Another Story of Rhamanta, Rhamanta or Omen Seeking in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Llanwyddelan Wales
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Category: Rhamanta or Omen Seeking
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Title: Another Story of Rhamanta

It was believed that the spirit of a person could be invoked and that it would appear, after the performance of certain ceremonies, to the person who was engaged in the weird undertaking.  Thus a young woman who had gone round the church seven times on All Hallow Eve came home to her mistress, who was in the secret that she was going to rhamanta, and said, “Why did you send master to frighten me?”  But the master had not left the house.  His wife perceived that it was the spirit of her husband that had appeared to the girl and she requested the girl to be kind to her children, “for,” said she, “you will soon be mistress here.”  In a short time afterwards the wife died and the girl became her successor.

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