The Faerie Legend of Llanfrothen, Fairies in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Llanfrothen Wales
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Category: Fairies
Sub Category: Fairy Ladies Marrying Men
Title: The Faerie Legend of Llanfrothen

A certain man fell in love with a beautiful Faerie lady, and he wished to marry her.  She consented to do so, but warned him that if he ever touched her with iron she would leave him immediately.  This stipulation weighed but lightly on the lover.  They were married, and for many years they lived most happily together, and several children were born to them.  A sad mishap, however, one day overtook them.  They were together, crossing Traethmawr, Penrhyndeudraeth, on horseback, when the man’s horse became restive, and jerked his head towards the woman, and the bit of the bridle touched the left arm of the Fairy wife.  She at once told her husband that they must part for ever.  He was greatly distressed, and implored her not to leave him.  She said she could not stay.  Then the man, appealing to a mother’s love for her children, begged that she would for the sake of their offspring continue to dwell with him and them, and, said he, what will become of our children without their mother?  Her answer was| ‘Gadewch iddynt fod yn bennau cochion a thrwynau hirion’, which translates as| ‘Let them be redheaded and longnosed.’Having uttered these words, she disappeared and was never seen afterwards.

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