The Alternative Fairy Legend of Ystrad, Fairies in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Waunfawr Wales
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Category: Fairies
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Title: The Alternative Fairy Legend of Ystrad

One fine sunny morning, as the young heir of Ystrad was busied with his sheep on the side of Moel Eilio, he met a very pretty girl and when he got home he told the folks there of it.  A few days afterwards he met her again, and this happened several times, when he mentioned it to his father, who advised him to seize her when he next met her.|  The next time he met her he proceeded to do so, but before he could take her away, a little fat old man came to them and begged him to give her back to him, to which the youth would not listen.  The little man uttered terrible threats, but the young heir would not yield, so an agreement was made between them that he was to have the girl as his wife until he touched her skin with iron, and great was the joy both of the son and his parents in consequence.|  They lived together for many years, but on the evening of Betws Fair, the wife’s horse became restive and somehow, as the husband was attending to the horse, the stirrups touched the skin of her bare leg, and that very night she was taken away from him. 

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