A Three Hour Fairy Dance seeming only Three Minutes, Fairies in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Penrhyndeudraeth Wales
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Title: A Three Hour Fairy Dance seeming only Three Minutes

The Rev. R. Jones’s mother, when a young unmarried woman, started one evening from a house called Tyddyn Heilyn, Penrhyndeudraeth, to her home, Penrhyn Isaf, accompanied by their servant man, David Williams, called on account of his great strength and stature, Dafydd Fawr, Big David.  David was carrying home on his back a flitch of bacon.  The night was dark but calm.  Williams walked somewhat in the rear of his young mistress and she, thinking he was following, went straight home.  But three hours passed before David appeared with the pork on his back.| He was interrogated as to the cause of his delay and in answer said he had only been about three minutes after his young mistress.  He was told that she had arrived three hours before him but this David would not believe it.  At length, however, he was convinced that he was wrong in his time, and then he proceeded to account for his lagging behind as follows:—| He observed, he said, a brilliant meteor passing through the air, which was followed by a ring or hoop of fire and within this hoop stood a man and woman of small size, handsomely dressed.  With one arm they embraced each other and with the other they took hold of the hoop and their feet rested on the concave surface of the ring.  When the hoop reached the earth these two beings jumped out of it and immediately proceeded to make a circle on the ground.  As soon as this was done, a large number of Fairy men and women instantly appeared, and to the sweetest music that the ear had ever heard, the Fairies began dancing round and round the circle.  The sight was so entrancing that the man stayed, as he thought, a few minutes to witness the scene.  The ground all around was lit up by a kind of subdued light and he observed every movement of the Fairies.  By and by the meteor which had at first attracted his attention appeared again and then the fiery hoop came to view. When it reached the spot where the dancing was, the lady and gentleman who had arrived in it jumped into the hoop and disappeared in the same manner in which they had reached the place.  Immediately after their departure the Fairies vanished from sight and the man found himself alone and in darkness, so he decided he proceeded homewards.  In this way he accounted for his delay on the way.

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