A Fairy Maid Being Taken, Fairies in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Pentrefoelas Wales
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Category: Fairies
Sub Category: Fairy Ladies Marrying Men
Title: A Fairy Maid Being Taken

Shon Rolant, Hafod y Dre, Pentrevoelas, when going home from Llanrwst market, fortunately caught a Fairie-maid, whom he took home with him.  She was a most handsome woman, but rather short and slight in person.  She was admired by everybody on account of her great beauty. Shon Rolant fell desperately in love with her, and would have married her, but this she would not allow.  He, however, continued pressing her to become his wife, and, by and by, she consented to do so, provided he could find out her name. |  As Shon was again going home from the market about a month later, he heard some one saying, near the place where he had seized the Fairie-maid, “Where is little Penloi gone?  Where is little Penloi gone?”| Shon at once thought that someone was searching for the Fairie he had captured, and when he reached home, he addressed the Fairie by the name he had heard and Penloi consented to become his wife.|  She, however, expressed displeasure at marrying a dead man, as the Fairies call Earth men.  She informed her lover that she was not to be touched with iron, or she would disappear at once.  Shon took great care not to touch her with iron. However, one day, when he was on horseback talking to his beloved Penloi, who stood at the horse’s head, the horse suddenly threw up its head and the curb, which was of iron, came in contact with Penloi, who immediately vanished out of sight.

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