The Displacement of Corwen Church, Displacement of Church in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Corwen Wales
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Title: The Displacement of Corwen Church

In Thomas’s History of the Diocese of St. Asaph, p. 687, the legend connected with the erection of the present church is given as follows:—|“The legend of its (Corwen Church) original foundation states that all attempts to build the church in any other spot than where stood the ’Carreg y Big yn y fach rewlyd,’ i.e., ‘The pointed stone in the icy nook,’ were frustrated by the influence of certain adverse powers.”| No agency is mentioned in this narrative. When questioned on such a matter, the aged, of forty years ago, would shake their heads in an ominous kind of manner, and remain silent, as if it were wrong on their part to allude to the affair. Others, more bold, would surmise that it was the work of a Spirit, or of the Fairies.

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