The Tale of a Corpse Candle, Death Portents in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Melin-y-Wig Wales
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Category: Death Portents
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Title: The Tale of a Corpse Candle

John Roberts, Felin-y-Wig, was in the habit of sitting up a short time after his family had retired to rest, to smoke a quiet pipe. The last thing he usually did before retiring for the night was to take a peep into the night.  One evening, whilst peering around, he saw in the distance a light, where he knew there was no house. On further notice he observed that it was slowly going along the road from Betws-Gwerfil-Goch towards Felin-y-Wig.  Where the road dipped the light disappeared, only, however, to appear again in such parts of the road as were visible from John Roberts’s house.  At first Roberts thought that the light proceeded from a lantern, but this was so unusual an occurrence in those parts that he gave up this idea and intently followed the motions of the light.| It approached Roberts’s house and evidently this was its destination.  He endeavoured to ascertain whether the light was carried by a man or woman, but he could see nothing save the light.  When, therefore, it turned into the lane approaching Roberts’s house, in considerable fear he entered the house and closed the door, awaiting, with fear, the approach of the light.  To his horror, he perceived the light passing through the shut door. It played in a quivering way underneath the roof and then vanished.  That very night the servant man died and his bed was right above the spot where the light had disappeared.

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