The Spectral Funeral at Llanidloes, Death Portents in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Llanidloes Wales
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Category: Death Portents
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Title: The Spectral Funeral at Llanidloes

Long ago some excitement was caused amongst the superstitious portion of the inhabitants of Llanidloes by the statement of a certain miner, who at the time was working at the Brynpostig mine.  On his way to the mine one dark night, he said that he was thoroughly frightened in China Street on seeing a spectral funeral leaving the house of one Hoskiss, who was then very ill in bed.  In his fright the miner turned his back on the house, with the intention of going home. However, almost fainting he could scarcely move out of the way of the advancing procession, which gradually approached, at last surrounded him and then passed on down Longbridge Street, in the direction of the church.  The frightened man managed with difficulty to drag himself home, but he was so ill that he was unable to go to work for several days.

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