Music and Bird Singing Heard Before Death, Death Portents in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Wales
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Category: Death Portents
Sub Category: Birds and Beasts
Title: Music and Bird Singing Heard Before Death

A young lad, an intelligent and promising boy, whilst lying on his death bed told his mother that he heard a bird warbling beautifully outside the house and in rapture he listened to the bird’s notes. His mother said that she had herself on three different occasions previously to her eldest daughter’s death, in the middle of the night, distinctly heard singing of the most lovely kind, coming, as she thought, from the other side of the river.  She went to the window and opened it, but the singing immediately ceased and she failed to see anyone on the spot where she had imagined the singing came from.  Alas, she was not the only person who heard lovely singing before the death of a friend.  She knew of a nurse who before the death of a certain person had heard three times the most beautiful singing just outside the sick house.  She looked out into the night, but failed to see anyone.  Singing of this kind is expected before the death of every good person and it is a happy omen that the dying is going to heaven.

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