Cyhyraeth, The Death Sound, Llandaff, Death Portents in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Llandaff Wales
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Title: Cyhyraeth, The Death Sound, Llandaff

This was thought to be a sound made by a crying spirit.  It was plaintive, yet loud and terrible.  It made the hair stand on end and the blood become cold and a whole neighbourhood became depressed whenever the awful sound was heard.  It was unlike all other voices and it could not be mistaken.  It took in its course the way the funeral procession was to go, starting from the house of the dead and ending in the churchyard where the deceased was to be buried.  It was supposed to announce a death the morning before it occurred, or, at most, a few days before.  It was at one time thought to belong to persons born in the Diocese of Llandaff, but it must have travelled further north, for it is said to have been heard on the Kerry Hills in Montgomeryshire.  The function of the Cyhyraeth was much the same as that of the Corpse Candle, but it appealed to the sense of sound instead of to the sense of sight.  Dogs, when they heard the distressing sound of the Cyhyraeth, showed signs of fear and ran away to hide.

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