Corpse Candle, Death Portents in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Wales
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Title: Corpse Candle

The corpse candle, or canwyll corph, was a light like that of a candle, which was said to issue from the house where a death was about to occur and take the course of the funeral procession to the burial place.  This was the usual way of proceeding, but this mysterious light was also thought to wend its way to the abode of a person about to die.  Instances could be given of both kinds of appearances.| Many people from various parts of Wales have been said to see a corpse candle.  They described it as a pale bluish light moving slowly along a short distance above the ground.  Strange tales are told of the course the light has taken.  Once it was seen to go over hedges and to make straight for the churchyard wall.  This was not then understood but when the funeral actually took place the ground was covered with snow and the drift caused the procession to proceed along the fields and over the hedges and churchyard wall, as indicated by the corpse candle.| The Rev. Edmund Jones, in his book entitled A Relation of Ghosts and Apparitions, etc., states:— Some have seen the resemblance of a skull carrying the candle; others the shape of the person that is to die carrying the candle between his forefingers, holding the light before his face. Some have said that they saw the shape of those who were to be at the burying.

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