A Hare Being a Symbol of Death, Death Portents in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Ruabon Wales
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Category: Death Portents
Sub Category: Birds and Beasts
Title: A Hare Being a Symbol of Death

Betsy Roberts was one evening talking to the Reverend of Ruabon and told him that she knew, before anyone told her, that a certain person died at such and such a time.  The rector asked her how she came to know of the death if no one had informed her and if she had not been to the house to ascertain the fact.  Her answer was, “I knew because I saw a hare come from towards his house and cross over the road before me.”  This was about all that the rector could elicit, but evidently the woman connected the appearance of the hare with the death of the man.  The association of the live hare with the dead man was here a fact and possibly in the birthplace of that woman such a connection of ideas was common.  Furthermore, many people have professed to have heard, when being present in the death chamber of a friend, a bird singing beautifully outside in the darkness and that it stopped immediately on the death of their friend.  Here again we have a strange connection between two forms of life; can this be a lingering Druidic or other ancient faith?

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