Conjuror Shon Gyfarwydd, Conjurors, Magicians, Wizards in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Llanbrynmair Wales
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Category: Conjurors, Magicians, Wizards
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Title: Conjuror Shon Gyfarwydd

Shon Gyfarwydd, who lived in Llanbrynmair was a well-known conjuror.| A farmer in Llansilin parish, who lost several head of cattle, sent or went to Shon Gyfarwydd and asked for information concerning the death of his cattle and for a charm against further loss.  Both were obtained and the charm worked so well that the grateful farmer sent a letter to Shon acknowledging the benefit he had derived from him.| This Shon was a great terror to thieves, for he was able to spot them and mark them in such a way that they were known to be culprits. 

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