Conjuror, Fear of, causes Stolen Property to be Returned, Conjurors, Magicians, Wizards in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Llanbrynmair Wales
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Title: Conjuror, Fear of, causes Stolen Property to be Returned

Richard Thomas of the Post Office in Llangadfan, lost a coat and waistcoat, and he suspected a certain man of having stolen them.  One day this man came to the Post Office and Thomas saw him there. Speaking to his wife from the kitchen in a loud voice, so as to be heard by his customer in the shop, he said that he wanted the loan of a horse to go to Llanbrynmair.  Llanbrynmair was, as we know, the conjuror’s place of abode.  Thomas, however, did not leave his house, nor did he intend doing so, but that very night the stolen property was returned and it was found the next morning on the doorstep.

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