Conjuror, Fear of, Reclaiming Stolen Property, Conjurors, Magicians, Wizards in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Llanbrynmair Wales
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Title: Conjuror, Fear of, Reclaiming Stolen Property

A mason engaged in the restoration of Garthbeibio Church, near Llanbrynmair in Powys, placed a trowel for safety underneath a stone, but by morning it was gone.  Casually in the evening he informed his fellow workmen that he had lost his trowel and that someone must have stolen it, but that he was determined to find out the thief by taking a journey to Llanbrynmair.  He never went, but the ruse was successful, for the next morning he found, as he suspected would be the case, the trowel underneath the very stone where he had himself placed it.

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