Charm against Foot and Mouth Disease, Charms in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Llansilin Wales
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Title: Charm against Foot and Mouth Disease

The cattle on a certain farm in Llansilin parish suffered from the above complaint, and old Mr. H--- consulted a conjuror, who gave him a written charm which he was directed to place on the horns of the cattle, and he was told this would act both as a preventive and a cure. This farmer’s cattle might be seen with the bit of paper, thus procured, tied to their horns. My informant does not wish to be named, nor does she desire the farmer’s name to be given, but she vouches for the accuracy of her information, and for my own use, she gave me all particulars respecting the above. This took place only a few years ago, when the Foot and Mouth Disease first visited Wales.|I obtained, through the kindness of the Rev. John Davies, vicar of Bryneglwys, the following charm procured from Mr. R. Jones, Tynywern, Bryneglwys, Denbighshire, who had it from his uncle, by whom it was used at one time.|Yn enw y Tad, a’r Mab, a’r Ysbryd.|Bod I grist Iesu y gysegredig a oddefe ar y groes,Pan godaist Sant Lasarys o’i fedd wedi farw,Pan faddeuaist Bechodau I fair fagdalen, a thrygra,wrthyf fel bo gadwedig bob peth a henwyf fi ag a,croeswyf fi ++++ trwy nerth a rhinwedd dy eiriau,Bendigedig di fy Arglwydd Iesu Crist. Amen.,Iesu Crist ain harglwydd ni gwared ni rhag pop, rhiwogaeth o Brofedigaeth ar yabrydol o uwch deiar,nag o Is deiar, rhag y gythraelig o ddun nei ddynes,a chalon ddrwg a reibia dda ei berchenog ei, ddrwg rhinwedd ei ddrwg galon ysgymynedig,a wahanwyd or ffydd gatholig ++++ trwy nerth a,rhinwedd dy eiriau Bendigedig di fy Arglwydd Iesu Crist. Amen.,Iesu Crist ain harglwydd ni Gwared ni rhag y glwy,ar bar, ar Llid, ar genfigain ar adwyth . . .ar Pleined Wibrenon ar gwenwyn,deiarol, trwy nerth a rhinwedd dy eiriau,Bedigedig di Fy Arglwydd Iesu Crist. Amen.|It was somewhat difficult to decipher the charms and four words towards the end are quite illegible, and consequently they are omitted. The following translation will show the nature of the charm:—|In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.|May Christ Jesus the sanctified one, who suffered death on the cross,When thou didst raise Lazarus from his tomb after his death,When Thou forgavest sins to Mary Magdalen, have,mercy on me, so that everything named by me and,crossed by me ++++ may be saved by the power and,virtue of thy blessed words my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.|Jesus Christ our Lord save us from every kind of temptation whether spiritual above the earth or,under the earth, from the devilish man or woman,with evil heart who bewitcheth the goods of their
owner; his evil virtue, his evil excommunicated heart,cut off from the Catholic Faith ++++ by the power,and virtue of thy blessed words my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.,Jesus Christ our Lord save us from the disease and the,affliction, and the wrath, and the envy, and the,mischief, and the . . . and the planet of the sky,and the earthly poison, by the power and virtue,of Thy blessed words, my Lord Jesus Christ.Amen.The mark ++++ indicates that crosses were here made by the person who used the charm, and probably the words of the charm were audibly uttered.

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