The Seagull, Birds and Beasts in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Gwyddelwern Wales
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Category: Birds and Beasts
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Title: The Seagull

A gentleman was walking from Corwen to Gwyddelwern, and overtaking an aged man, they entered into conversation.  Noticing the seagulls hovering about, the gentleman said, “There is going to be a storm.”  The answer of his old companion was, “Yes, for the seagull says before starting from the sea shore:| Drychin, drychin, Awn i’r eithin;| Which translates as| Foul weather, foul weather, Let’s go to the heather;| and then when the storm is over, they say one to the other, before they take their flight back again to the sea:—| Hindda, hindda, Awn i’r morfa.| Which translates as| The storm is no more, Let’s go to the shore.

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