The Crow, Birds and Beasts in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Wales
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Title: The Crow

The crow figures much in Welsh folk-lore.  In many ways he is made to resemble the magpie; thus, when one crow or one magpie was seen, it was thought to foretell misfortune, as implied by the saying: | One crow I see, Bad luck to me.| But this foretold evil, brought about by the old black crow, could be counteracted by repeating the following words, (a translation of the second couplet), with a pause between each line and thus the last line would assume the form of a prayer:—| Old Black Crow! God, grace bestow;| or the evil could be hurled back upon the Old Black Crow by the repetition of these words:—| Hen frân ddu, Gras Duw i mi, Lwc ddrwg i ti.| Freely translated, these lines would be:—| Old Black Crow! God’s grace to me, Bad luck to thee.

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