Cuckoo Rhymes, Birds and Beasts in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Llanuwchllyn Wales
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Category: Birds and Beasts
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Title: Cuckoo Rhymes

Should the cuckoo make its appearance before the leaves appear on the hawthorn bush, it is a sign of a dry, barren year.| Os cân y gôg ar ddrain-llwyn llwm|Gwerth dy geffyl a phryn dy bwn.|If the cuckoo sings on a hawthorn bare,|Sell thy horse, and thy pack prepare.|The Welsh words I heard at Llanuwchllyn, a good many years ago, just as the cuckoo’s voice was heard for the first time in those parts, and there were then no leaves out on the hedgerows. I do not recollect whether the prophecy became true, but it was an aged Welshman that made use of the words.The ditty applies to the low lands where there are hedgerows.

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