Cats as a Weather Glass, Birds and Beasts in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Wales
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Title: Cats as a Weather Glass

The cat was thought to be a capital weather glass.  If she stood or lay with her face towards the fire, it was a sign of frost or snow; if she became frisky, bad weather was near.  If the cat washed her face, strangers might be expected; and if she washed her face and ears, then rain was sure to come.  A black cat was supposed to bring luck to a house, thus:| Cath ddu, mi glywais dd’wedyd, A fedr swyno hefyd, A chadw’r teulu lle mae’n byw, O afael pob rhyw glefyd.| A black cat, I’ve heard it said, Can charm all ill away, And keep the house wherein she dwells, From fever’s deadly sway.

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