A Poem to a Woodpecker, Birds and Beasts in Welsh folklore and mythology, a tale from Wales
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Category: Birds and Beasts
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Title: A Poem to a Woodpecker

Bardd Nantglyn, Robert Davies, Nantglyn, has an englyn to the woodpecker:—|“I Gaseg y Drycin.”|“Och! rhag Caseg, grêg rwygiant,—y drycin,| Draw accw yn y ceunant,|Ar fol pren, uwch pen pant,|Cyn ’storm yn canu ’sturmant.”|Barddoniaeth R. Davies, p. 61.|My friend Mr. Richard Williams, Celynog, Newtown, translates this stanza as follows:—|Ah! ’tis the hoarse note of the Woodpecker,| In yonder ravine,| On the round trunk of a tree,| above the hollow,| Sounding his horn before the coming storm.

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