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Much of the information on this section of the Walesdirectory was collated in the 19th Century by a victorian vicar, the Reverend Elias Owen. The work is freely available on the internet, Welsh Folklore, and if you google the phrase you will be able to buy the complete works. So why have we put it on the Walesdirectory? .. you may well ask.
Well for several years our maps of Wales have been very popular with both visitors to Wales and indeed with locals and we feel that it would be great for viewers to actually see the towns and villages where the fairies, ellyllon, goblins, witches and conjurors actually cast their spells. With the help of google maps we will show you the very hills where the giant Oxen, the Dau ychain Banawg, dragged the Devil into the lake above Cerrigydrudion. Or the very bridge where Robert Llwyd Hari from Gilar Farm played cards with the Devil. (Our maps section includes standing stones, ancient burial chambers, castles, mountain bike trails, rivers, lakes and attractions in Wales). Yes from King Arthur to Huw Llwyd, from Owain Glyndwr to Welsh Dragons we hope to help you discover what is fact and what is fiction among Welsh myths and legends.

Celtic and Welsh Myths and Legends
Many of the welsh myths and legends refer to the the fairies or little people or in welsh Ellyllon (the plural of ellyll).The Ellyllon are the Welsh faeries who haunt the groves and valleys, and correspond pretty closely with the English elves. Ellyllon have three passions: Toadstool mushrooms, silk, and human children. They are said to live on tiny islands and in the hilly parts of Wales, and are cattle-herders. But yes, they are tiny like one would think a faerie would be; they also have tiny cows! Unlike a lot of faeries that are said to steal children, ellyllon simply find them fascinating, and though they may steal children just because they like them so much, they don't do it to be mean or to steal their souls. Others believe that they are the souls of the ancient Druids, which, being too good for hell, and not good enough for heaven, are permitted to wander upon earth till the judgment day, when they will be admitted to a higher state of being.....Coming very soon is our directory of welsh fairy tales...

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